Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kinect sales in the US - ahead of Playstation Move ??

About a week after it's release in the Americas (11/4) before UK launch, Kinect seems to be on the spotlight. Selling more than 470,000 just 2 days after it's release.

Kinect Adventures                     479,992
Kinect Sports                            142,991
Dance Central                           132,554
Kinectimals                                 98,303
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved       61,338
Fighters Uncaged                        31,939
Kinect Joyride                            31,854
Sonic Free Riders                       18,402
Motion Sports                            16,198
Adrenalin Misfits                          3,602
Dance Masters                            3,459

Playstation Move sales according to VGchartz spans the number of 200,000. Now this seems lower than Sony's numbers but VGchartz calculates not by the number of controllers sold, but by the number of unique move Users. I don't know where they get the numbers, but a typical launch ratio for a new console is 1.7 controllers per console. If this is true, looks like Microsofts Research and Investments are getting paid, outnumbering the Playstation Move. This may be different from what game reviewers said as there is too much game choices for, the high cost of the machine, and usually rating the PS3 Move higher than Kinect in reviews. But the gamers, as for casual ones don't think like them. What Microsoft had in Kinect that the Playstation Move doesn't is the breakthrough of new concept of body controller which has never been implemented before, and people always tend to buy something new. Unlike the PS3, even though reviewers and watchers know that it is more advanced than the wiimote, but in a nutshell, it's just a Playstation Wiimote.

Speculative Kinect sales figures announced, looks to have handily trumped Playstation Move
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