Tuesday, February 2, 2016

iPad Air 3 design sketch : 3D Touch still a possibility?

A report from Engadget, shows a sketch design of the soon to be released iPad Air 3. The interesting aspect that from the design it is shown to be thicker than its predecessor, the iPad Air 2. This may be an indication of a full screen force touch (3D Touch). Its well known that iPad technology is sometimes 1 year behind the latest iPhone. This was shown in iPad 2nd generation without the retina display (when iPhone 4 was already released), and the TouchID fingerprint sensor which was released on the latest iPad product (which is iPad Air 2).

One can ask, is it necessary for an iPad to have force touch? For me, the answer is yes. Apple will no doubt continue to support and market its 3D Touch in its iOS devices, and iPad will surely be apart of it. We didn't get a 10 inch iPad update last year, so this year is the right time. Although some rumours say that Apple will not include a 3D touch with its latest release of the iPad Air 3. I think from a customers' point of view, it would be preferable to wait and have a 3D touch on an iPad, to pair it with the iPhone 6s.

Apple may drop the incremental numbering on the iPad Air, as they did for the iPad. There are also more information about new connectors and accessories that the iPad Air 3 may have. Head over to the source for more of that.

pictures and source : Engadget