Friday, November 12, 2010

Kinect Hacked..!! Or open I should say.

Just after 3 hours of European release, Hector Martin released the first Kinect Open source driver, earning him cash from Adafruit contest. That's the good news for him, but many more exciting ones for developers.

Even students are waiting for this to use Kinect for their projects. It's $150 price tag will be worth it for learning purposes of robotics, science, augmented reality, or interaction projects. The OpenKinect google group is up and you can get the driver right now. Though still many To-Dos, but the guys are working on it, I'm sure. So while they are, perhaps in the meantime you folks could figure what you can make out of it for later.

The Kinect Is Now Basically Wide Open
Kinect Hacked Opensource Drivers Now Working

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