Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hex iPod Nano Watch Band

The 6th generation iPod Nano has it's own pros n cons over the previous generation. But all the features 'squeezed' into the small device makes it an incredible device. The small square design brings ideas for manufacturers to produce accessories to making the iPod Nano as a wrist watch. But Hex is one of the first to seriously dive into this. The cool accessories from Hex features Custom premium silicone strap, Pop-in pop-out design, Audio port cover with inline orientation, and also coolness.

Combined with the Nano makes a cool sweet watch. But listening music to your watch may not be uncomfortable and uncool. Although a wireless headset may be a solution depending on whether the transmitter dongle can fit in, it will add a drawback to the physical appearance. Available on December 2010 for $24.95 to add to your $150 Nano.

The Gadgeteer
Hex Watch Band

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