Saturday, April 16, 2011

Project Cafe Controller. What will it look like

In our previous post we know that Nintendo has something up their sleeves. But somehow information about the controller has emerged. Now, the last time Nintendo released a console which is the Wii, the control itself is a revolutionary idea. Looking forward to what sort of controller Nintendo will bring is always interesting. The main thing here is that the controller will come with dual analog and a display screen. Again, this is not confirmed from the Big N. Many of you might not notice but before, on the Wii console gives more feedback to the user with sounds rather than just that classic vibration effect which of course applies individually to the player of the controller. Now it seems like Nintendo are taking a step ahead in interacting more with the users by having an on screen display on the controller. It might seem a simple thing but who knows what sort of experience might emerge with this concept. Head to the source for more news.

source IGN

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