Saturday, November 13, 2010

XBox 360 Update

Okay, the Kinect is out for 150 bucks (and that's in $s and €s), and you get 1 game as well, but do you know what it costs Microsoft to build one? From EETimes, the rough Bill Of Material for 1 kinect is $56. Well that's business folks. The rest is probably to cover the research and time spendings.

Reviews from IGN about the new improved XBox 360 D-Pad. Before, gamers are complaining about the Controllers D-Pad response, and the solution that has come is to make a hybrid disc and cross D-Pad making it. "Microsoft's hardware team has essentially taken the Xbox 360's existing d-pad design and used a switch mechanism to isolate the 4-way 'plus' shape for better tactile recognition and performance, while at the same time maintaining the versatility of an 8-way directional 'disk' system".
In the end, IGN gave it an outstanding 9.0 Score.

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